Moonjumping – Whimsical American Folk Art

It all started with a dream. One of those magical dreams of an alternate reality where I visited the county fair and the Ferris wheel was full of riders – cow riders, that is. I stood in my dream-state and watched them, those beautiful, fun-loving cows, one car at a time rising up, around, and down as the Ferris wheel turned. They were having a joyous time, but in my mind’s eye, there was something missing. A big, bright, beautiful moon was no where to be seen in the dream-night’s sky. That’s when I awoke with my creative mind bursting with inspiration.

Thus, Moonjumping was born and my fun, whimsical cows no longer had a ride into the sky but instead absorbed the fiddling cat’s music and propelled themselves through the air and over the moon! What a joyous night for cows from all over the county dressed in their summer best!

This is a fun, whimsical piece. It makes people laugh. Someone who saw the painting before I finished it was curious that the cows jumping over the moon were naked and he asked, “ is it mandatory for them to take their clothes off before they jump?” Of course, we all laughed and then I painted their clothes. Everyone is dressed in this painting!

Ideas for use:
Gift to parents
Place in a themed room – cows and cats
Birthday gift
And there are matching note cards available

My Love For America is Shown through my Folk Art

Independence Hall in Philadelphia

My love for America is shown through my folk art. My folk art paintings, limited edition American folk art prints and note cardsproudly reflect the character and charisma found in many of the United States’ most popular cities and landmarks. These happy and detailed images engage viewers of all ages, evoking smiles and pleasant memories. “Celebration”, “joy”, “whimsy” and “humor” are words that I have heard from viewers and I am delighted at this reaction. One eleven-year-old boy exclaimed, “this folk art rocks!” at a recent exhibit. As an American folk artist painting in a contemporary folk art style, I am excited to be able to offer my collection of Americana paintingsprints and folk art note cards. My works are sold in numerous galleries and are in many public and private collections including The White House, the American Museum in Bath, England, the National Horticultural Society, United Card in Tokyo, Japan and others around the world.

Folk art has been a tradition throughout the world; it is referred to as naïve art in Europe and peasant painting in England and Asia. After the War of 1812, American folk art became strongly focused on pride and patriotism in the United States and has blossomed ever since. Folk art is portrayed as the art of the people, for the people and by the people because it’s the art that is quintessentially America. I am an American folk artist like the folk artists of earlier centuries. I am self-taught and my paintings are based on narrative using symbolism and humor to tell the story of the painting. The majority of my American folk art paintings and prints portray the American landscape with a strong sense of color, patriotism and locale. Alexandria, Virginia,Washington, DC, New York City and Nantucket are favorite places because of their history and numerous celebrations. Humor also plays an important role in understanding my paintings such as in “Mermaid 10 K Today” and “Flamingo Beach”.