Statue of Liberty 4th of July by Pat Palermino


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July 4, 2016 (1 to 10 p.m.)

Jersey City Freedom & Fireworks Festival has music, a carnival, food trucks, and fireworks in front of the Statue of Liberty at Liberty State Park.

Christmas and Holiday Folk Art by Pat Palermino

Christmas at Rockefeller Center in New York City, the Christmas Attic store in Old Town, Alexandria, and the Brewster Store on Cape Cod invoke memories of holidays past! Shop Now

Statue of Liberty Fireworks Folk Art

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Statue of Liberty
21 X 26

Unframed Giclee Print $160

Framed Giclee Print $250

Note Cards $16

Mini Poster $26.95

July 4, 2015 (1 to 10 p.m.)

Jersey City Freedom & Fireworks Festival has music, a carnival, food trucks, and fireworks in front of the Statue of Liberty at Liberty State Park.

Pat Palermino’s The Statue of Liberty & NY Harbor Folk Art

The Jewish American poet Emma Lazarus saw the statue as a beacon to the world. A poem she wrote to help raise money for the pedestal, and which is carved on that pedestal, captured what the statue came to mean to the millions who migrated to the United States seeking freedom, and who have continued to come unto this day.

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The Wonderful World of Pat Palermino Contemporary Folk Art

No matter the season, the decor, the color scheme, or the favorite hobby, there’s a Pat Palermino creation that’s perfect for you! From historical prints of George Washington’s home, to holiday prints of Rockefeller Center, to beach prints and mermaids playing cards in Nantucket, Pat Palermino contemporary folk art is enjoyed by one and all.

We have original paintings, prints, note cards, ornaments, puzzles, children’s books and more! See it all by clicking here.

Holiday Gifts Under $30 – American Folk Art Ornaments by Patricia Palermino

Where can you find a hand-painted Christmas ornament by one of America’s premier folk artists for less than $30? Right here at Patricia Palermino Studio! These ornaments are not only beautiful to display but are of heirloom quality that will be enjoyed for generations. Whether it’s the classic Christmas in New York scene of skaters and the tree at Rockefeller Center, or the majestic beauty of Christmas days gone by in Colonial Williamsburg or the Presidential splendor of Christmas at George Washington’s Mt. Vernon, there’s a perfect ornament for everyone on your holiday shopping list and each is less than $30! This is a savings that cannot be beat!

Contemporary American Folk Art – Perfect on a Red Wall

Contemporary American Folk ArtWhen you are decorating your home or your office, it isn’t always easy making all the design decisions. Even though I have a good eye for color and composition, I too often feel the need to consult others when it comes to making big decorating decisions. So, I always appreciate a client who reaches out to me for design help when purchasing pieces of my contemporary American folk art. Good art, whether my own or another artist, can make a big impact in any size space if it’s displayed in the right way.

Contemporary American Folk ArtThere’s one great tip that I often give to my clients – hang my paintings in a group on a red wall. One of my clients is a well-known real estate firm (you would know the name if I told you!). They purchased many of my paintings for their main office but were uncertain where to display them in the office. Should they group them together, hang them throughout, put them in pairs, etc. After a site visit with them, we determined that the most impact would be had if the paintings were hung in a group. But, not merely on a white wall. That was the kicker – we picked a beautiful shade of red for the destination wall. The result in one word? Amazing!

Contemporary American Folk ArtWhile you may not want to consult me about where to hang the contemporary American folk art that I create, I do want to encourage you to be creative when you decorate your home or office. It isn’t a huge risk to paint a wall red (or another color) because it can be easily repainted. Or, to group artwork in different ways on one wall. Remember, it can always be changed if you don’t like the result. Get creative because you have nothing to lose. That’s something I always remind myself of when I feel inspired to paint a new piece of art.