New England Charm – Original Folk Art by Pat Palermino

The Wonderful World of Pat Palermino Contemporary Folk Art

No matter the season, the decor, the color scheme, or the favorite hobby, there’s a Pat Palermino creation that’s perfect for you! From historical prints of George Washington’s home, to holiday prints of Rockefeller Center, to beach prints and mermaids playing cards in Nantucket, Pat Palermino contemporary folk art is enjoyed by one and all.

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Celebrate Halloween with American Folk Artist Pat Palermino

Pat Palermino House of Seven Gables

Pat Palermino Halloween Ride

Pat Palermino Ghost Tours

Pat Palermino Halloween Parade

We are so pleased to announce a special offer from Patricia Palermino Studio and just in time to celebrate Halloween! For a limited time only, if you directly contact Pat at her email address or by telephone at 1-703-360-4757, you can receive a FREE pack of Halloween Parade note cards when you purchase note card packs of Ghost Tours, House of Seven Gables, and Halloween Ride. Don’t order your Halloween note cards online because the only way to receive this special offer is to communicate directly with Pat. And, how lucky you will be to speak with one of America’s most beloved folk artists! From the White House to George Washington’s Mt. Vernon to the shores of Nantucket, Pat Palermino’s folk art is a national treasure, and you can own a small piece of it to share with your friends and family!

Mermaids Go Fish – Contemporary American Folk Art Inspired by the Magic of Nantucket

Mermaids Go Fish painting by Patricia Palermino

For those of us who have been fortunate enough to spend some summer time in Nantucket, we know that somehow there is a suspension of reality when we step onto the Island. It’s as if we are transported to another plane of existence where laughter and ice cream cones go hand in hand with friendly ghosts and card-playing mermaids.

There is this little bookstore on Nantucket that’s filled with fanciful selections as often as page-turning bestsellers. It was while I was in this bookstore that I learned more about Nantucket’s mermaids. I also met the now deceased Wayne Pratt who owned a charming antiques shop on the Island, and I was so privileged to create some custom paintings for him. He also inspired me to further explore the mythical mermaids that swim and play off Nantucket’s shores.

Mermaids Go Fish came to me in a dream. As the tourists travel by on the paddle steamboat, they wave to the mermaids playing cards on the rocks. Who would have thought that mermaids played “Go Fish”? Maybe Poker or Gin Rummy? Those mermaids do have a great sense of humor!