Holiday Note Cards By American Folk Artist Patricia Palermino

We know that it’s so common to print custom holiday cards with pictures of family, friends, and dogs! We do love to receive those cards, but we also recognize that it isn’t always the right type of card to send to everyone you wish to greet (or thank) during the holiday season. So we have a perfect remedy for those situations where you want to send a very nice card to someone but you don’t want it to be your holiday card with your daughters wearing reindeer antlers and Christmas sweaters.

Patricia Palermino Studio offers a wide selection of note cards for the holiday season (and every other occasion you can imagine) for only $16 a pack! You will be very proud to send a note card that depicts a quaint and whimsical scene originally painted by renowned American folk artist Patricia Palermino. These cards truly are a work of art, and every recipient will be proud to display one on their desk, shelf or holiday card holder. Here are just a few examples of Patricia Palermino note cards, and you can see more by clicking here.

Brewster Store


Alexandria Christmas Tree

Capitol Christmas Tree

Christmas Attic




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