Custom Calendars for 2013 from Pat Palermino American Folk Artist

Pat Palermino Calendar 2012While we enjoy the last days of summer, it’s time to look forward to 2013! Of course, we still need to survive the busy holiday season – from Halloween through to New Year’s Eve. But, it’s just once a year that we can commemorate the brand new year and the perfect way to do so (after the champagne, streamers, and fancy dresses!) is with a 12-month calendar customized for your company, school or group.

Each month of the calendar will include a print of an original Pat Palermino art work. You can choose the images from our vast catalog Beach Babe by Pat Palerminowhich includes famous buildings and landmarks, picturesque streetscapes, and whimsical chickens, pigs, cows and mermaids. For each season there will be a Pat Palermino image that will perfectly match the mood of the month (i.e. this gorgeous beach babe for August).

From a marketing perspective, the data shows that clients love to receive calendars because it’s the one item that without question must be replaced every year and is often hung or displayed in a prominent place. What better way to reward your clients (and to remind them everyday that you’re ready to accept their next job or order) than to gift them with a stunning piece of art that doubles as a utilitarian calendar?

Contact us soon so that we can help you create the perfect Pat Palermino folk art calendar for your company, school or group. Don’t wait or it will be too late to print them for delivery in December! A custom calendar for your clients will be the perfect gift from you to them for the New Year!

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