The Art of a Thank You Note

I am often asked why I offer versions of my original paintings as note cards, and the answers are simple:

  • They make great invitations for kids parties.
  • They are great for teacher’s notes and thank yous at the end of the school year.
  • They make sending thank you notes easier to do because the cards are funny and colorful.
  • They remind us all that the art of writing a thank you note must be preserved in our culture of electronics.

As a mother of 3 and grandmother of more, here are my four steps to a quick yet meaningful thank you note:

    1. A simple greeting
    2. A thank you for a specific gift
    3. One line explaining why you like the gift
    4. And finally, your signature, a drawing, a paw print, a cow spot, etc. – your personal sign-off
Never send a thank you note via text, twitter, facebook, or email. A personal message
on a charming note card will always send the message that you care about the sender and very much appreciate the gift!

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