Moonjumping – Whimsical American Folk Art

It all started with a dream. One of those magical dreams of an alternate reality where I visited the county fair and the Ferris wheel was full of riders – cow riders, that is. I stood in my dream-state and watched them, those beautiful, fun-loving cows, one car at a time rising up, around, and down as the Ferris wheel turned. They were having a joyous time, but in my mind’s eye, there was something missing. A big, bright, beautiful moon was no where to be seen in the dream-night’s sky. That’s when I awoke with my creative mind bursting with inspiration.

Thus, Moonjumping was born and my fun, whimsical cows no longer had a ride into the sky but instead absorbed the fiddling cat’s music and propelled themselves through the air and over the moon! What a joyous night for cows from all over the county dressed in their summer best!

This is a fun, whimsical piece. It makes people laugh. Someone who saw the painting before I finished it was curious that the cows jumping over the moon were naked and he asked, “ is it mandatory for them to take their clothes off before they jump?” Of course, we all laughed and then I painted their clothes. Everyone is dressed in this painting!

Ideas for use:
Gift to parents
Place in a themed room – cows and cats
Birthday gift
And there are matching note cards available

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